It's our unique culture that makes Te Whare Hukahuka one of the top companies to work for today; it fuels our growth and accelerates our productivity.



Travis O'keefe

Ngati Porou (Ngati Konohi)

Travis has more than 20 years’ experience with SME commercial development, business strategy and leadership. He is an award winning social entrepreneur, recognised with awards for innovation in healthcare, societal Impact, excellence in design, research & development, excellence in innovation, and a NZ supreme award for innovation and entrepreneurial achievement. He is a co-founder of Te Whare Hukahuka, and in this capacity has worked with more than 650 Māori business leaders to advance their commercial and social development objectives, has led our online marketing project to reach 80,000 Maori whanau each month with free learning and tips, and is leading the pivot strategy to help Maori Trusts sell high quality products directly to customers online. His strengths include strategic planning support, capital raising, facilitation to a Māori audience and identifying ways to overcome roadblocks.  



Shay Wright

Te Rarawa, Ngaruahine, Ngati Ruanui

Shay has combined experience in entrepreneurship, education, Māori development and community economics to help shape Te Whare Hukahuka. He has been involved in developing the strategy of a number of organisations, including Māori trusts embarking on exciting new growth projects, to the initial Callaghan Innovation’s Māori Engagement Strategy, the Kahui Māori for the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge, also the Government's Maori Economic Development Advisory Board.  Shay is a well known social entrepreneur, named in the 2016 Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 list of Social Entrepreneurs, a finalist for the 2016 Young Enterprise Alumni Award, and the 2017 Young NZ Innovator Award and Matariki Young Achiever Award.  Shay initially developed the strategy for the Māori unit at The Icehouse and led the implementation before co-founding Te Whare Hukahuka. In 2017 he featuring as a futurist on the What Next? TV show which looked at the trends shaping our world and what this means for New Zealand over the next 20 years.



Ngati Kuta-Ngapuhi, Ngati Ruaka-Atihaunui a paparangi

Steve is an award-winning entrepreneur in his own right with over 30 years of business experience both locally and off-shore. His sector experience spans magazine publishing, online media, professional training & development, the building industry, storytelling, self intelligence (co-authoring the book and programme JOLT Challenge) , and more recently the commercial validation of hemp and geoduck. Having previously sold two companies, Steve's passion for helping to develop social enterprises while integrating kaupapa Maori has brought him now to Te Whare Hukahuka. He also has a long-held passion around ancient wisdoms, indigenous philosophy and spirituality working with spiritual elders, Shaman and Medicine men. He has practised several forms of martial arts, loves fishing, learning music and is a bit of a health freak. 

Tyrone Hack

Ngati Kahu - Te Whānau Moana me Te Rorohuri, Niue - Avatele

Tyrone has a legal research background and coupling his Law and Māori Studies experience with his commercial skills from Te Whare Hukahuka means he is helping Maori Trusts to achieve their social and commercial aspirations. Tyrone has an unbridled passion for life and is constantly seeking out new knowledge and experiences. He has a deep affinity with tikanga Māori married with a practical understanding of western epistemology.  He works across the Te Whare Hukahuka enterprise, including in programme design and coordination, online tools development, and Commercialisation research projects including Project Tuna (eels), geoduck and hemp. He is interested in language, learning, music, the arts and discovering the limits of human growth and potential.

Te Huia Taylor

Ngati Te Ata - Waiohua, Te Waiariki

Te Huia completed a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Business Management from Otago University in 2014. She worked as an assistant Project Development Manager with the Ngati Te Ata Lead Negotiator and innovator, Tahuna Minhinnick. Te Huia brings with her the experience to navigate and work alongside many organisations from: local, regional and national government, ministry, council controlled organisations, commercial entities, private companies and manawhenua of Tamaki Makaurau. After completing a cadetship in commercial banking at BNZ she was able to further develop her skill sets of commercial management in the financial quarter.  Te Huia is a graduate of Te Whare Hukahuka's, rangatahi into governance programme - Ka Eke Poutama. Being brought up in a Maori centric environment paired with her fluency in Te Reo Maori, Te Huia is determined to provide sustainable pathways for her whanau and iwi aspirations to flourish

Office Manager

Office Manager

Joyce Chen

Ngāti Hainamama te iwi

Joyce grew up in the Zhejiang province of China and studied International Business before moving to New Zealand in 2012. Joyce travelled New Zealand extensively before settling in Auckland and joining Te Whare Hukahuka as Office Manager. She regularly runs to keep fit, and her cheerful enthusiasm, efficiency and effective abilities to outsource tasks where necessary make her a valuable member of the Operations team.

Senior Facilitator

Senior Facilitator

Kaye-Maree DUNN

Te Rarawa, Ngapuhi, Ngāti Mahanga, Ngai Tamanuhiri, Ngai Te Rangikoianaake

Māori Entrepreneur and Facilitator Kaye-Maree has been working in the space of Māori and Community Development, public relations, and communications, with a particular talent for strengthening cross-cultural relationships. Kaye-Maree is fascinated with family, community and technology, and works with Māori groups, especially at a grassroots level to build capability, and identify risks and possibilities for development.

Programme Manager - Ka Eke Poutama

Programme Manager - Ka Eke Poutama


Ngāti Kuri, Te Aupouri, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Te Arawa, Kai Tahu

Kimiora’s tertiary sector background and strengths in equity based initiatives, programme management, publications, communications and board governance have been ideal preparation for her work as a programme manager with Te Whare Hukahuka.
At Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga (NZ’s Indigenous Research Centre for Excellence) she specialised in academic publications and communications. 
Most recently Kimiora has been the secretary for the Independent Māori Statutory Board with responsibility for governance advisory and administration.
As a graduate of Te Whare Hukahuka’s inaugural Ka Eke Poutama governance programme she is committed to Māori capacity development to enhance opportunities for Māori to make strong, vibrant, unique contributions to society.