We provide expert business coaches to ignite your entrepreneurial potential and take your organisation to the next level

What is included?

Workshops - kanohi ki te kanohi sessions with your organisation adding value in your operations by reinforcing key principles, taking you through the stages of the entrepreneurial journey, helping correct behaviour, providing unbiased and independent view points.

One on one advisory Personalised coaching and advisory from coaches with significant experience in entrepreneurship and growing organisations

Te Pataka Ipurangi Coaching provides access to Te Pataka Ipurangi, providing access to more than 70 tailored resources to supplement your learning experience.

Opening networks - Access to our team's wide network of Māori trust's, businesses and experts, as well as the Icehouse's 5,000+ alumni business owners where relevant

Why is it important?

Māori organisations that follow through with coaching show a 250% improvement in their progress versus those who don't (evaluation report commissioned by the Ministry for Primary Industries). Leaders often find their coach helps them when grappling with the challenges of implementing new tools, systems and processes introduced into their environment, and helps change behaviour over time - improving their overall performance.


Who are our coaches?

All of our coaches have practical experience running businesses. They are a mix of Māori and non-Māori experts in a wide range of business areas. They're not boring or theoretical academics. They are driven, exciting, and committed to the continued growth of indigenous entrepreneurialism.

What do we cover?

  • Building capability and reinforcing key growth principles
  • Helping to correct and change behaviour
  • Providing an unbiased and independent viewpoint on key decisions
  • Sharing relevant tools & technologies to make the job easier
  • Connecting leaders with the relevant networks to help them grow and solve problems
  • Developing and managing business systems, planning, increasing productivity, growing gross profit margin across all activities, and outsourcing repetitive tasks.
  • Assistance with capital raising
  • Developing export initiatives
  • Governance coaching
  • Assisting with marketing initiatives
They are entrepreneurial, have different ideas, really good networks, are challenging, honest, and out of the ordinary.
They work really hard at what they do. We admire them as they make the effort. They are doing something for ‘our people’, for Māori.
That’s why we love what drives them
— Brenda Tahi, Tuhoe Tuawhenua