Our Story:

We are a group of Māori social entrepreneurs passionate about using innovation as a way to positively impact the lives of indigenous people.

Over the past six years, Te Whare Hukahuka have launched cutting edge initiatives, built a great team, won awards, worked with hundreds of Māori leaders and made connections with other indigenous groups. 

We proudly challenge the status quo and demonstrate new and effective ways to have social and financial impact.

We work at the grassroots level and at a strategic level to coordinate the system of support that Māori organisations need throughout the lifecycle of business.

Māori are at the bottom of 80% of all wellbeing indicators, and many traditional ways of working with indigenous people are not working.

Indigenous knowledge holds a number of answers to the world’s problems, and can be drawn on to create social impact. With our indigenous leadership we can show that our enterprises can be owned and managed by our communities, they can be financially successful, and they can create positive social outcomes, respect our environment and enhance our culture.

E tū ki te kei o te waka, kia pakia koe e ngā ngaru o te wā.
Stand at the stern of the canoe, and feel the spray of the future biting at your face.
— - Dr Apirana Mahuika