Tired of those same old boring governance training programmes? We use fun, our unique sense of humour, and our experience with training over 100 Maori organisations to empower your trustees to feel confident, capable and ready to make the right decisions to turn your vision into action

I really enjoyed the courses, and they’ve had a really positive effect on all our members. They were able to clarify roles and gave good strategic guidance. Now we hear the lessons being brought up and people have adopted the terms. Every single person has said ‘we got value out of this’
— John Dobson, Ngati Koata Trust


Our Governance Training Programmes are designed to address the areas your team needs to develop better governance and sustainability for your organisation.  The training empowers your trustees to feel confident, capable and helps get a focus on making the right decisions to transform your vision into action.

We are experienced in shifting mindsets and addressing underlying tensions and politics inside Māori Trust teams.  We also bridge the gap to business, and are experts at developing business models, testing assumptions for commercialisation, and leading strategies inside organisations.

We help solve the real issues and we often understand your problems better than you do.

Our team will resonate with you better than any other training provider. Our facilitation is fun and enjoyable but we are also serious about making a difference.  There is a proven and direct correlation between fun and learning.

Our team ensures that Governance Training is not only informative, it's fun!

Our team ensures that Governance Training is not only informative, it's fun!

Who is it for?

Primarily our work is for governance boards with leaders who are frustrated with the lack of progress in their trust and the lack of outcomes for their whanau. However, a large number of our clients are skilled, longtime trustees that are simply looking for new innovative techniques or opportunities to improve or sharpen their toki.

What Content do we cover?

Our governance workshops are personalised to your trust. We do this by first completing a comprehensive Governance Review with your team to figure out exactly what you need to know in order to get the best results from the time that we spend with you.

The content that we cover is a combination of our lived experience with Māori organisations and industry best practice. Topics that we generally cover are:

  • Meetings - how to stop wasting time and get the mahi done
  • Roles and Responsibilities - knowing you job as a board member
  • Strategic Thinking - where you're going and how you're going to get there
  • Measuring and Monitoring - how to track your progress towards your vision and knowing when you're off track
  • Risk Management - ensuring the safety of your organisation
  • Communication - how to have brave conversations, communicate with your beneficiaries, and ensure everyone is paddling the waka together.


Do you work with individuals?

Currently we only work with groups or organisations. We prefer to work with the entire board, chair and CEO because this achieves the best results. Participants coming out of our programmes will have a better understanding of their collective responsibilities if everyone is a part of the process.

When we worked with individuals in the past we found that the one empowered member would face an uphill battle trying to implement their new knowledge with the rest of the organisation. Our experience has shown us that lasting and effective change comes from getting the entire board involved in the transformation process.


Our workshops take one day each (usually 9am - 4pm). This can of course be adjusted to take into consideration your kuia/kaumatua (and sometimes the rugby).

We recommend that all new organisations that we work with undertake our comprehensive governance programme which consists of our Governance Review Process and two Governance Workshops so that we can cover all the areas required to get you trust up to speed.


Our governance training is in-house. This allows us to work closely with you to understand the dynamics of both your team and rohe you reside in.


None! We cater to people at all stages of their governance journey. We only ask that you bring an open mind, a willingness to learn and a readiness to participate.


Our Māori team have worked with more than 750 Māori leaders and 105 Māori organisations.  We have a tribe of raving fans.  No one else has the same breadth of knowledge of Māori Trusts as we do.  We understand your challenges and we know how to help solve them.

We share our insights and case studies with you to help you succeed.  Our team is passionate about improving the wellbeing of Māori communities and this comes across in the work that we do.

If you commit to being open to new knowledge and implementing the learning, we guarantee that our training will help your team solve common challenges, reduce risk, and improve your ability to grow and innovate so you can provide better outcomes for your organisation and community.

Our team have won multiple national and international awards and Te Whare Hukahuka has been acknowledged by Forbes magazine, and as finalists in the NZ Innovation Awards 2016 and 2017.


Te Whare Hukahuka have helped give us a Māori face in the governance space
— Shane Bradbrook

“They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks...”
— Te Taru White