Taking you from where you are today, to where you want to be. We work with organisations that are focused on achieving the quadruple bottom line; People, Planet, Preservation, Profit

Our Kaupapa

We don’t believe in long and unrealistic strategy plans because all too often they sit on the shelf. We believe that strategy should be short and sharp; it should be focused and clear; and most importantly it should be easy to implement. We have proven that we can make this happen.

Our Approach

We work with your team to create clear goals, identify the roadblocks to overcome, and then help align your resources on achieving the goals. We bring strict measurement and focus. We build capability where necessary. We find partners who could bring resources, and we have links to capital for big projects. We want to make an impact with you, and we have a proven methodology that works for Maori organisations.

Who is this training for?

The Rautaki Strategic Planning Programme is for organisations that are paddling as one, but are not clear on where they are going or how they are going to get there. We choose to work with indigenous organisations that are committed to achieving a quadruple bottomline, that is, organisations that are committed to outcomes benefiting the community, improving our planet, producing profit and protecting our cultural heritage as indigenous peoples.