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Over 6 months, you will learn the functions of various apps and software, and how to integrate them together to create a solution that helps grow a business. Perhaps the most important thing is that we will frame the whole programme in the context of real life business challenges.

You will also learn core online sales and marketing skills and strategies. Many careers in the MarTech (marketing technology) field require a broad range of skills, including:

  • at a strategic level - to develop clear goals and plans for a project

  • at a management level - to ensure documented systems are in place to ensure effective task management

  • at a technical level - to know which applications and software tools will enable the intended outcome

This programme will develop your skills in each of these areas.


Who is it for?


What Content do we cover?



A marketing stack is a combination of tools you use to help you do your job as a marketer. This can include outbound email tools, analytics tools, sales and marketing automation tools, and tools that connect them.

Below is an example of the apps that we use for marketing and operational efficiency solutions:

  • Data storage: G Suite

  • Email: Gmail (G Suite)

  • Calendar tools: Google Calendar (G Suite)

  • Webinar tool: Zoom

  • Video meeting tool: Zoom

  • Project management tools: Trello

  • Marketing automation tools: MailChimp, Actionetics

  • Sales funnel tools: Clickfunnels

  • Social automation tools: Zapier

  • Data-piping tools: Zapier

  • Password security: LastPass

  • Payment gateway tools: Paypal, Stripe

  • Analytics tools: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics

  • Advertising tools: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords

if I know these appS ALREADY, why WOULD I DO thIS programme?

Knowing how to use each of these tools is just the beginning!

For many organisations they are using multiple digital tools that are 'siloed' - the tools do not interact with each other or share data. And even if they are connected, in most cases information such as new contacts are just sent from one tool to another without knowing where the contact came from, why they came to the site or where that contact entered their information. In other words, the tools are lack integrations.

This programme will focus on strategically understanding how to determine a business challenge and design a solution using the digital tools, and then weave those tools together to execute the solution.