We will help you grow your business by 20–40% in 6–9 months and teach you how to do it yourself, with our strategic 'hands on approach'

Business Growth Advisory

We are a social enterprise for social enterprise and we're entrepreneurs, not academics, accountants or economists. We research and develop innovative insights that challenge the status quo thinking, this enables new ideas to solve old problems. Our team is stacked with people who have grown businesses before in similar industries to you and we have worked with over 100+ Maori businesses. This means we know the fastest, lowest cost, least risky and most profitable ways to grow your business or commercialise your project.

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rautaki strategic planning

Taking you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.  We specialise in strategies that produce a quadruple bottom line; improving people, planet, profit and protection of our culture.

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Business Coaching

An expert business coach working with you on your business planning and strategy. Business models and sustainability.  Systems and processes.  Capital raising and exporting.

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